Meet Our Team


Stephan Tchividjian

President and Co-Founder, NCF South Florida

Bio | 954.553.7211 | Email Stephan


Steven Holland

Chief Operations Officer, NCF South Florida

Bio | 954.790.7691 | Email Steven  


Laurie Farquhar 

Chief Strategy Officer, NCF South Floirda

Bio | 754.444.8622 | Email Laurie


Alan Platt

Lead Architect of Church United

Bio | Email Alan


Lycet Corbo

Director of Giver Services, NCF South Florida

Bio | 954.334.1874 | Email Lycet


Edwin Copeland 

Director of Church United

Bio | Email Eddie


Chris Lane

Executive Director - NCF South Florida, Miami Office

Bio | 305.409.3348 | Email Chris


Chrstine de Vries

Lifework Leadership Program Director - NCF South Florida

Bio | 954.224.6322 | Email Christine


Emily Kreisel

Outreach Coordinator, NCF South Florida

Bio | 954.771.0110 | Email Emily


Kelly Gross

Executive Assistant, NCF South Florida

Bio | 965.804.8316 | Email Kelly


Maribeth Bates

Director of Advisor Relations, NCF South Florida

Bio | 954.406.5455 | Email Maribeth


Jessica Lancaster

Administrative Assistant - NCF South Florida, Miami Office

Bio | 786.475.1920 | Email Jessica



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