Sleepless in Seattle with the Chapmans (Podcast)

by NCF staff  |  February 22, 2017  |  Type: Podcasts

In this new episode of our Inside Giving podcast, you’ll hear the inspiring story of Craig and April Chapman, two software engineers from Seattle who give beyond the check and invest their time in the homeless living in their city.

Craig and April used to write checks to charity, but now they’re giving private stock in their tech business, which means less to taxes and more to ministry. And they’re giving their time as well by doing hands-on ministry serving the homeless on the streets in Seattle. This has given them great, great joy.

They're not only experiencing the joy of serving others, but they're learning more of what it means to obey God's call and practice humility. "Being humble enough to step into the circumstances of each individual that God values is essential to be like Christ,” says April. “It is a little scary, but that’s when it becomes an adventure, and the experience gets so much bigger and better than just writing a check.”

Listen now to hear more about how Craig and April learned to invest wisely – not only with their finances, but with their time and relationships as well.

Inside Giving's hosts: Boyd Bailey (left) and John Putnam (right)


Gospel Union Mission volunteers gather before leaving to serve the homeless


Craig and April serve in areas such as Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market

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