Certified Ministries

National Christian Foundation South Florida (NCFSF) partners with Ministry Ventures on local and global ministries because it's the perfect solution to providing results-driven coaching and training around the Five Best Practices of ministry leadership for executive directors, board members, and staff serving in the non-profit sector.

NCFSF endorses Ministry Ventures to help ministries create long term sustainability, growth, and a management plan that greatly enhances donor confidence, increases collaboration among ministries and the donor community, and maximizes the impact on those being served by certified faith based non-profits.

We believe there are five key areas of development for greater impact and sustainability: ministry model, fundraising, board development, administration freedom and a prayer culture. These five areas will empower any ministry to go further, faster.




Certification means that a ministry has participated in a one year group or on-line program lead by Ministry Ventures and has successfully completed an extensive checklist of requirements that are all designed to instill excellence in every area of the ministry.



To visit a ministry's website, click on their logo. To download a Ministry Overview for the ministry, please click on the PDF button below the logo.


Current Certified Alumni

mv_2012_4kids   mv_2016_aimm_higher   mv_2016_believers_bridge   big_cf_horiz_mv_2017_graduates
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
mv_2016_caring_for_miami   mv_2017_cita   city_house_mv_2017_graduates   co_creators_mv_2017_graduates
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
cbc_cornerstone_ballet_mv_2017_graduates   mv_2013_echocuba   elev8_life_mv_2017_graduates   ema_mv_2017_graduates
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
mv_2016_faith_dialogue   mv_2012_firewall   mv_2013_firstcarewc   mv_2012_fp
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
mv_2014_gracecenter   mv_2014_graceplace   mv_2012_hhsf   mv_2017_harbor
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
h2h_mv_2017_graduates   mv_2014_hh   mv_2013_hhch_new   mv_2012_hopesf
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
mv_2016_ltl   mv_2014_livingwater   mas_mv_2017_graduates   mv_2016_ministerios_el_salvador
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
mints_mv_2017_graduates   mv_2016_mth   mv_2012_ncf   mv_2016_project_restore
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
mv_2016_rev_ministries   mv_2012_saintsi   side_by_side_mv_2017_graduates   mv_2013_sfbc_new
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf
the_power_of_choice_mv_2017_graduates   mv_2016_the_22_project   mv_2016_trinity_fitness  
pdf   pdf   pdf   pdf


Ministry Ventures Alumni

  • Above and Beyond
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Gold Coast)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Miami)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (South America)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes (West Coast)
  • Glory House
  • Grace Net Radio
  • Haven of Hope International
  • Heart Gallery
  • Hope for Miami
  • Into the Clearing
  • Kingdom Mobilization
  • Liberty Youth Ranch
  • Life Restoration Partners International
  • Love Inc. of South Lee & Collier Communities
  • Match Point Ministries
  • Mount Bethel Human Services
  • Renew
  • Restoring the Heart Ministries
  • Sheridan House Family Ministries
  • Taylor's Closet
  • Teen Challenge
  • The Glory House of Miami Inc
  • There is H.O.P.E. for Me
  • Trees of Hope
  • Unto the Least International
  • Victory House
  • Well of Sychar
  • Wellsprings Counseling
  • Youth on a Mission Ministry
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